Daniel Tratt

I became spinal cord injured in 1999 after falling over a stairway banister, 23 feet straight down, at the end of my junior year at SUNY Binghamton. For the months following, I struggled to overcome and recover from both a T7 spinal cord injury and a TBI (traumatic brain injury). This was an extremely traumatic event for me and my entire family as they rallied to my support at Mount Sinai Hospital. Fran Brown came to visit me and was able to create an immediate positive and supportive relationship with myself and my family at a time when we all needed it the most.

Thanks to the support of my friends and family, along with the support of Fran Brown and ATBF, I was able to overcome my challenges and move forward in life. After recovering, I was able to go back to school to finish my undergraduate degree, complete a Master’s of Education and an MBA in Human Resource Management and International Business. I now work full-time as an NYC special education teacher in the Bronx and am entering my ninth year. In addition to teaching, I have become deeply involved in volunteer work, motivational speaking and competing as a challenged athlete in marathons and triathlons. I was recently elected President of The Greater New York Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association which I have been involved with for several years.

I am very eager to start my new role and continue to help spinal cord injured people move forward in life… Just as Fran and ATBF did for me years ago.

Paralyzed at the age of 20 in 1999, Daniel overcame many challenges and boasts many accomplishments. He is an Inspirational Speaker, teacher, athlete and President of the Greater New York Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.