Adaptive Sports

After paralysis, many individuals discover new ways to participate in sports and activities that they were interested in before they were injured. Several people we have met are also inspired to participate in sports and activities that they would have never otherwise considered before their injury. We have found in speaking with our peer mentors and individuals in our Outreach Program that participation in sports activities, for many, are integral for one’s emotional, physical and mental health. There are many helpful resources available to assistant an individual in the process of getting involved in these activities.

Some of the adaptive sports we have heard about, depending on your level of injury, include archery, basketball, billiards, blowdarts, boccia, bowling, curling, dance, downhill racing, extreme sports (dirt-bike riding, chair-skating), fencing, fishing, fitness, flying, football, golf, handcycling, karting/motorsports, land sailing, martial arts, paintball, powerlifting, rugby, scuba, skiing, sled hockey, soccer, softball/baseball, skydiving, tennis, water sports (motor boats, sailing, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding) and yoga.

If you know someone who is interested in pursuing a sport, please contact the Foundation. We will try to connect you to someone that has knowledge about a particular sport.

In researching adaptive sports, we have cited two great resources. One is the Wheelchair Sports Federation. On their adaptive sports listing page, they write, “If a Sport Exists, then it can be Adapted!” This is something we also believe in. Their webpage has information on many adaptive sports and events in the US.

Also, we recommend checking out The National Spinal Cord Injury Association’s Sports, Recreation & Fitness page for general information about adaptive sports as well as resources available for people with disabilities who are interested in participating.