Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are a great way to stay in shape. If you are a person with a spinal cord injury, there are many adaptive devices such as hand cycles and push rim wheelchairs that people with paralysis can use to participate in fitness challenges. We have also seen people with paralysis who participate in the swimming portion of a triathlon. There are many benefits to being fit and eating well. The President’s Challenge highlights some of those benefits here.

Goal Setting
Setting realistic goals, and sticking to them, is an important part of fitness. Check out some goals provided in the The President’s Challenge:

  • Be realistic. Whether they’re for students or adults, goals should be challenging, but attainable. An unreachable goal will only be discouraging.
  • Think short-term. Live for the moment. Goals must be meaningful and reachable in the near future.
  • Write it down. Kids and adults alike benefit from writing out their goals and putting them where they can see them every day. Maybe on the fridge or bathroom mirror?
  • Keep it simple. Goals should be straightforward. For example, “I’ll increase my activity time by 5 minutes each week until I reach 60 minutes a day,” or “I’ll skip sugar-sweetened beverages this week.”