Playground Safety and School Recesses


It is important for a parent to be responsible when a child is engaging in a recreational activity. Perusing the play area before will ensure that your child and their playmates have a happy, safe and good experience which will make them want to return. It is imperative to check the equipment –make sure everything is in working order and that children are using slides, swings, baseball and basketball courts in gyms etc. that are age appropriate.

Make sure your concerns are directed to a person who will be instrumental in correcting any issues or malfunctions. Follow up and make certain that everything was fixed. If something is not able to be corrected right away—if pieces have to be replaced etc. suggest that signage be put on the equipment or in that particular play area. Make sure that everything is well-maintained.

Recess is great! It is essential for the physical and emotional well-being of children. See if you can volunteer at after school activities. Partner with a community school or organization that host recreational programs. All of these suggestions can avoid injuries. As a parent this is a responsibility that you should focus on.