Service Dogs for People with Disabilities

On Friday, May 16th, 2014, the Alan T Brown Foundation participated in the Peer and Family Training Program of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation led by Northeast Regional Coordinator Todd A. Johnston. Held at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Todd, was accompanied by his service dog Madden. The Foundation was in the process of putting together a Tuesday Tidbit on the topic of service dogs so we asked Todd to send us some information about his relationship with Madden. Here is what he said:

“When my last pet German Shepherd passed, I decided to get a Service Dog. While searching the internet I found a business called Amazing Tails which I read had rescued dogs and trained them to be service dogs. I felt it would be great to get a service dog from them. I contacted them and have now had Madden since he was one year and 10 months old. His birthday is December 23, 2008. He is my angel in dogs’ clothes. Everyday he brings me happiness and it is like heaven on earth being with him.”

Check out this video of Todd sailing with Madden:

About Amazing Tails:

Amazing Tails, LLC, Inc. is a Delaware non-profit corporation dedicated to training service dogs to assist people with physical disabilities. We are a unique program, primarily using rescued dogs from local shelters and giving them a new life helping a human in need.  Amazing Tails provides personal and individualized assistance to those persons who wish to expand their independence through the use of a service dog. We continue to build our network of clients across the United States to provide support, encouragement, and continual challenges.
We feel that it is this level of personal commitment to our dogs and our clients which sets Amazing Tails apart from the rest of the service dog industry.