TCS New York City Marathon – November 1, 2015

ATBF’s 2015 Marathon Team:

Hewan Anderson
John Blyth
Mike Christie
Tamie Kranis
David Kubersky
Zouheir Louhaichy
Priscilla Macias

What are Marathon funds used for? 

The simple answer is to change lives.  Our goal is to raise $30,000 to support our Outreach & Peer Mentoring Program which serves as a compassionate and understanding resource and support system for people living with paralysis and their families, as well as the five quality of life programs listed below.

  • Health & Fitness Program at Mount Sinai Hospital – This outreach initiative provides people with paralysis with a forum for physical activities and emotional support through wellness activities.
  • The AXIS Project – The AXIS Project is a new and innovative social daycare center designed to empower and motivate people with physical disabilities to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle through various programs and activities including yoga, dance, spinal mobility and advocacy.
  • Transition Care Program – This program provides important home care services to un-insured paralyzed patients reflecting the Foundation’s decision to focus on quality of life issues.
  • North Shore-LIJ Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) Program – This program helps you and your loved ones find relief from pain and get moving again after an accident, injury, illness or surgery.
  • The Big Idea- A project of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation- The Big Idea is a first-of-its-kind campaign aimed at propelling the paralysis community into a new era of groundbreaking research. It’s a movement to transform what it means for individuals to live with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Epidural stimulation research has restored quality of life and enabled four people living with SCI to recover voluntary movements and the ability to stand. Each participant had a chronic motor complete injury, meaning they were completely paralyzed below the injury level and likely would never recover. Like many historic breakthroughs, the effectiveness of epidural stimulation to improve autonomic functions (bladder, bowel, sexual and temperature) was discovered by accident. In fact, the original study was designed to promote stepping and standing.

Meet Mike Christie and Tamie Kranis
Members of The Alan T Brown Foundation’s
2015 TCS New York City Marathon Team

Mike and Tamie along with the rest of our Marathon Team will traverse 26.2 miles throughout NYC’s 5 boroughs on Sunday, November 1st, 2015!


Meet Mike Christie

I was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada and have lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since 1986.

New York City is one of my favorite running cities and the NYC Marathon has been one of my bucket list marathons for several years. This will be my first NYC Marathon.

I believe in the mission of The Alan T Brown Foundation in assisting people living with paralysis by overcoming barriers and opening the door to what is possible.

I am inspired by helping and seeing others succeed.

Besides running, I enjoy alpine skiing, family time, encouraging others to be active and making a difference with the environment.

On June 23, 2012, I was one of 1764 runners who set a Guinness World Record for the largest kilt race.


Meet Tamie Kranis

I’m Tamie Kranis and I’ve been affiliated with the ATBF since 2009. I became involved with the Foundation after seeking advice from Fran Brown [ATBF President] after my husband, Michael, suffered a sheared aorta, similar to an aortic aneurism, on March 16, 2009. As a result of this incident, Michael sustained a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. While he waged a courageous and noble battle, he passed away on November 28, 2010. I ran the marathon in 2011 and 2013 to raise money for the Foundation.

I’m originally from Roslyn, NY. I current live in Bellmore, NY. I am running the marathon because I believe in the mission and purpose of the ATBF. The Foundation played a critical role in my life and I feel it is my duty to assist others who may be in a similar situation or those who may be living with paralysis.

I know first-hand how much it takes to care for someone who lives with paralysis. As a Board Member for the ATBF, this is my way of raising much needed financial resources that will be used to assist someone in need.

I’m inspired by people who are handed unexpected challenges in life and face them with strength and grace in the face of great difficulty.

I enjoy running, golfing and doing almost anything with my family. I love dark chocolate!

View Tamie’s Fundraising Page Here & Make A Donation!