ATBF Testimonials

Bridget Carvajal

In 1999, I was living with a spinal cord injury and working at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City when I first heard of The Alan T Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis. My fiancé and I met that year at an ABTF fundraiser held at Session 73 in Manhattan. I was working as a research assistant for the Rehabilitation Unit at Mount Sinai and a nurse who had previously worked on the unit invited me to the fundraiser. My fiancé attended at the suggestion of his former physical therapist at Mount Sinai.

I sustained a spinal cord injury due to a motorcycle accident in 1991. I was injured at the T12 level and use a wheelchair. My fiancé, Anthony Caporrino, was a former inpatient of the Mount Sinai Rehab Unit, where he was treated for symptoms related to Guillian-Barre Syndrome.

We are getting married on April 10, 2005. As part of the wedding favors, we would like to make a donation to the Foundation. Everyone we know is aware of how we met and we would like them to also know more about the wonderful things The Alan T Brown Foundation is doing. How may we go about making a donation to the Foundation on behalf of our wedding guests?

Thank you,

Bridget Carvajal