15th Annual Mount Sinai Rehab Fair

By: Chrissy Oliva, Director of Development

Thank you to Jim Cesario, Senior Outreach Program Coordinator at the Rehabilitation Medicine Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, for inviting us to participate in the 15th Annual Mount Sinai Rehab Fair on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Each year that ATBF participates in this wonderful informational event, we have the opportunity to connect with in-patients and out-patients and their families and offer follow-up assistance through our Outreach & Peer Mentoring Program. We also get reacquainted with medical and professional staff and other organizations in our field. Some highlights from the Rehab Fair include demonstrations of the latest rehabilitation equipment; glucose and blood pressure screenings; safety and injury prevention; sports and recreation activity; community agencies; information, education and advocacy through organizations like ours; and entertainment, giveaways and snacks!