A Little Effort Will Go A Long Way


A Little Effort Will Go A Long Way!

By: Ted Bodenheimer

My name is Ted Bodenheimer and I have been a friend of ATBF for more than nineteen years. I am a T4 paraplegic and love living in NYC, lately however, I have become less active because of the conditions of the streets of New York City. More importantly I travel in a titanium chair which is sensitive to every crack, bump or difficult curb cut. Each day when I am out and about, I must constantly analyze every move I make because there are so many dangers constantly there. My appeal to the City of New York is that bike lanes are fine, but how about those that must travel by wheels and do not have a choice. Let’s begin to focus on improving conditions and it will benefit all of us, for those who travel on wheels by choice and for those who must.