Three Generations of Support and Volunteerism

The Stogel Family has been instrumental in ATBF’s fundraising and outreach efforts since its inception in 1988.  Stogel Companies, Inc. was led by Phil Stogel and later his sons Larry and Yale. Stogel Companies, Inc. shared office space in the same building as the Foundation and became a friend of the Browns.  Chad, Yale’s son, now serves on ATBF’s Junior Board of Directors.

By: Chad Stogel

As far back as I can remember, I recall the times with my family — grandparents, parents, cousins, uncle and aunt — assisting and participating with the Alan T Brown Foundation. I’ll never forget the days spent as a chatty little kid at Westchester Country Club filling the golf tournament’s amenity bags with exciting goodies galore, being told I was in charge of that activity and feeling the pride of being someone’s, albeit only the amenity bag’s boss. I remember running into Alan with my Dad in the 90’s at Knicks games and being enthralled by his court-side seats with the celebs. As I grew and got to know the faces and understand the story behind the Foundation — that there was so much more behind the friendly personalities and fun activities — I recognized the significance of its being. Being asked to join the Junior Board became an excellent opportunity for me to provide my hands on assistance to an organization I have felt sincerely connected to for nearly my entire life. The endless (as far back as my memory serves) determination to not only help those with spinal cord injuries but the focus to one day find a cure, should be inspiration for all of us to continue to help the best we can.